2018 White Sox NWAMSBL Runner-Up

Front Row L-R:  Ryan Harralston, Andy Miller, Chris Luman, Brett Booker, Chris Huebner, Cote Harralston, Jeff Gray

Back Row L-R:  Stephen Boudreaux (mgr), Brad Hughes, Matt Villines, Patrick Taliaferro (c), David Evans, Phillip Izaguirre, Drew Hudgens, Josh Bush, Keith Nicholson, Brandon McCoy

Not Pictured:  Nick Pitts, Dylan Shade, Drew Leeper, Payton Morris


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Men's Senior/Adult Baseball League



NWAMSBL Champion (25+) 2011, 2010
NWAMSBL Champion (18+) 2004
Arklahoma Shootout Champion 2005
NWAMSBL Runner-Up (25+) 2018, 2016, 2015, 2013
NWAMSBL Runner-Up (18+) 2008, 2000, 1999
Arklahoma Shootout Runner-Up 2007

287-169(.629) Overall Record (Boudreaux as Manager)

 (Yankees-NABA 37-20, Padres 14-17, White Sox MSBL 236-132)

White Sox in the NWAMSBL = 236-132 (.641)


YEAR W L Summary
1999 10 4 NWAMSBL Runner Up
2000 10 6 NWAMSBL Runner Up
2001 8 12 3rd Place League, NWAMSBL Labor Day Tournament Runner Up
2002 8 7 3rd Place League
2003 6 9 5th Place League
2004 15 5 NWAMABL Division Champions, NWAMSBL Overall Champions, 5th Place Arklahoma Shootout
2005 16 7 3rd Place League, Arklahoma Shootout Champions, MSBL National Honor Roll (Boudreaux)
2006 12 8 3rd Place League, 3rd Place Arklahoma Shootout
2007 16 8 3rd Place League, Arklahoma Shootout Runner-Up
2008 11 9 NWAMSBL Runner Up, 6th Place Arklahoma Shootout
2009 12 10 5th Place League, 5th Place Arklahoma Shootout
2010 17 3 NWAMSBL Champions, 25+ Division, 5th Place Arklahoma Shootout
2011 14 3

NWAMSBL Champions, 25+ Division, 5th Place Arklahoma Shootout

MSBL National Hall of Fame (Boudreaux), NWAMSBL Hall of Fame (Boudreaux)

2012 12 5 3rd Place League, NWAMSBL Hall of Fame (Patrick Taliaferro)
2013 12 5 NWAMSBL Runner-UP
2014 11 8 3rd Place League, MSBL National Honor Roll (Boudreaux v2)
2015 13 6 NWAMSBL Runner-UP.  NWAMSBL Hall of Fame (Dustin Wilson)
2016 13 3 NWAMSBL Runner-UP, Regular Season Champions
2017 8 8 3rd Place League
2018 12 6 NWAMSBL Runner-UP
Total 236 132 .641 Overall




2018  White Sox NWAMSBL Runner-Up

Back L-R:  Stephen Boudreaux (mgr), Keith Nicholson,  Jeff Gray, Nick Pitts, Dylan Shade, Patrick Taliaferro (c), Andrew Hudgens, Brandon McCoy, Brad Hughes

Front L-R:  Josh Bush, Ryan Harralston, Cote Harralston, Chris Lumen, Brett Booker, Andy Miller, Payton Morris

Not Pictured: Matt Villines, David Evans, Chris Huebner, Drew Leeper, Phillip Izaguirre



2017 NWAMSBL White Sox

Back L-R:  Stephen Boudreaux (mgr), Keith Nicholson,  Brad Hughes, Dylan Shade, Patrick Taliaferro (c), Brandon McCoy, Wade Decker, Payton Morris, Matt Villines, Jeff Gray, David Smith

Front L-R:  Brett Booker, Chris Lumen, Andy Miller, Dustyn McAnally, Nick Schnippel, Nick Wheeler,, Brent Smith

Not Pictured:  Andrew Hudgens,





2016 White Sox


Back L-R:  Stephen Boudreaux (mgr), Keith Nicholson, Matt Villines, Will Tucker, Patrick Taliaferro (c), Brad Hughes, Nick Wills, Andy Miller

Front L-R:  Gregg Rollins, Dakota Brissey, Will Smith, Nick Wheeler, Dustin Wilson, Jake Adkins, Brett Booker , Brent Smith

Not Pictured:  David Smith, Andrew Hudgens, Ben Adkins, Matthew Mozzoni, Mike Lopez, Tanner Daniels



2015 White Sox


Back L-R:  Stephen Boudreaux (mgr), Keith Nicholson, Matt Villines, Patrick Taliaferro (c), Brad Hughes, Dakota Brissey, Andy Miller

Front L-R:  Gregg Rollins, Will Smith, Dustin Wilson, Nick Wheeler, David Smith, Brent Smith, Brett Booker

Not Pictured:  Chris Huebner, Caleb Smith, Forrest Smith, Brandon McCoy, Josh Boger, Peter Smith, Andrew Hudgens, Dakota Watson



2013 White Sox


Back L-R:  Stephen Boudreaux (mgr), Matt Villines, Andy Miller, Brad Hughes, Patrick Taliaferro (c), David Bodzin, Caleb Kelley, Russell Carter, Nicholas Coe

Front L-R:  Dustin Wilson, Seth White, Mike Lopez, Tim Hooper, Chris Huebner, Jason Christner, Albert Swann, Matt Mozzoni

Not Pictured:  Phil McClure, Drew England



2012 White Sox

Back L-R:  Stephen Boudreaux, Andy Carpenter, Patrick Taliaferro, Andy Miller, Chris Huebner, Albert Swann

Front L-R:  Nick Coe, Dustin Wilson, Seth White, Mike Lopez, Tim Hooper, Erin McGee

Not Pictured:  Mark Taylor, Matt Mozzoni, Matt Villines



2011 White Sox

NWAMSBL Champions

BACK: Stephen Boudreaux, Sean Carson, Lincoln Garner, Patrick Taliaferro, David Battaglia, Chris Huebner, Wes Elliot.
FRONT: Brody Harper, Andy Miller, Mike Lopez, Dustin Wilson, Andy Carpenter, Tim Hooper.
SITTING: Mark Taylor, MVP.
NOT PICTURED: Seth White, Matt Jacobson, Levi Rush

2010 White Sox

NWAMSBL Champions

Back:  L-R, Stephen Boudreaux, John Michael Hairston, Patrick Taliaferro, Andy Miller, Josh Cottingham, David Battaglia, Chris Huebner.

Front:  Wes Elliot, Evan Neiser, Andy Crowson, Mike Lopez, Seth White, Dustin Wilson, Nathan Ray Boudreaux

Not Pictured: Andy Carpenter, Tim Hooper, Josh Merryman, Tom Spaniol, Levi Rush.



2008 White Sox


Back:  Robert Foshe, Anthony Osborne, Masashi! Yoshimoto, Mark Taylor, Tom Spaniol, Stephen Boudreaux

Front:  David Battaglia, Mike Lopez, Jared Shrotenboer, Andy Miller, Dustin Wilson, Lyndall Bolinger

Not Pictured:    Evan Neiser, Matthew Boudreaux, Patrick Taliaferro, Travis Briggs, Brandon Barr, Wesley Smith, Tyler Entwisle, Tim Clow, Jason Wendt


2007 White Sox

Back:  Stephen Boudreaux, Riggs, Bill Pendergist, Tom Spaniol, Dave "Shooter" Steeneck, Patrick Taliaferro, Lyndall Bolinger, Andy Miller, Matt Boudreaux

Front:  Robert "Daddy" Foshe, Andrew Hudgens, Britt Morris, Michael Lopez, Tim Foshe, Dustin Wilson, Evan Neiser



2006 White Sox

Back:  Stephen "Front Office" Boudreaux (Manager, League President), Matt "Yank" Rivard, Patrick Cawthon, Tom Spaniol, Troy Flood, Issac "Mick" Harderson, Lyndall Bolinger, John Michael Hairston, Matt Boudreaux

Front:  Andy Miller, Robert "Daddy" Foshe, Andy Crowson, Eugene Burton, Dustin Wilson, Mike Lopez, Jimmy Moler, Tim Foshe.

Not Pictured:  Brandon Barr, Phillip May, Eric Cole, Patrick Taliaferro

2005 Arklahoma Shootout Champions

Back:  Stephen Boudreaux, Robert "Daddy" Foshe, Kurt Nantkes, Tom Katz, Lyndall Bolinger, Patrick Taliaferro, Alex Fortin, Matt "Yank" Rivard, Andy Miller.

Front:  Kid, Jason Wendt, Brandon Barr, Eugene Burton, Tim Foshe, Wes Bolinger, Dustin Wilson, Little Flash (kid), Troy "Flash" Flood.

2004 MABL/MSBL Champions

Back:  Stephen Boudreaux, Jason Bonneville (MVP), Alex Fortin, Patrick Taliaferro, Matt "Yank" Rivard, Ray Sturgis.

Front:  Andy Miller, Dustin Wilson, Robert "Daddy" Foshe, Lyndall Bolinger

NP:  Deanthony Hall, Tim Foshe, Ronnie Berry

2004 White Sox

Back: Stephen Boudreaux, Jason Bonneville, Matt "Yank" Rivard, Patrick Taliaferro, Tom Katz,    , Alex Fortin, Lyndall Bolinger

Front:  Tim Foshe, Ray Sturgis, Robby Starner, Deanthony Hall, Dustin Wilson, Andy Miller, Robert "Daddy" Foshe

1999 White Sox (the first year)

Back:  Stephen Boudreaux, Rowland McKinney, Dak Rowe, Mark A, Matt Walters, Danny Currington , Troy Flood, Doug S, and Spanky


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